Klaus Bung - Short Bio

Dr Klaus Bung helps out as an organist for services, weddings and funerals, in London, up and down the English counties, in Scotland and abroad (e.g. Portugal) when the need arises. His playing has been described as 'liturgically sensitive'. He is familiar with the traditions of the Moravian and Lutheran churches, Anglican (high and low), and Roman Catholic (old and new; Klaus can accompany Gregorian chant), Pentecostal and others. Klaus is fond of each of them in its own way and in its own context. His Cambridge PhD is not in music but in linguistics. He started playing in chapels and churches in his early teenage years, first on harmoniums and keyboards, and gradually found his feet on the organ. He has a reputation for sometimes getting good sounds out of a rotten instrument. He often plays for minority communities, such as the Moravians from Antigua and Barbuda, the Catholics from Uganda and from Nigeria and the German and Latvian Lutherans.

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