Funeral of conceptual artist Wolfgang Berkowski

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Funeral of conceptual artist Wolfgang Berkowski on Friday, 26 January 2018,

in the West Chapel of Golders Green Crematorium in London NW11

Date: 27 January 2018

Klaus received the following e-mail from Dr Louise Garrett, University of the Arts, London:

To Klaus Bung, and three others

Dear All,

If you require an organist, you should choose Klaus Bung. I think he may be an angel. Remember the thief in the night: that is what we should always expect.

Thank you Klaus.

If I ever needed an organist, I would choose Klaus, as he is the absolute bomb.

Kind regards,


Date: 28 January 2018

Dear Klaus,

Thank you again for the deep consideration and empathy you brought to this tragic occasion. It really means a lot, and we are most appreciative of your contribution. I'm finding it difficult to feel consoled right now, but I guess that will take time.

I'm cc-ing this to Cindy, as I'm sure she will also be interested to know a little more about your background and to receive the texts you've recommended.


Very best wishes,


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