Background: This was an afternoon family mass on Christmas Eve 2017. The extension pipe organ had good stops but was not well maintained, and some stops were badly out of tune. Klaus limited himself to the stops which were in good condition and made the instrument sing, 'in harmony' with a happy and enthusiastic Christmas congregation.

Roman Catholic Church of Marychurch
26 Salisbury Square
Old Hatfield, Herts

Date: 4 January 2018

Dear Klaus,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for working with us on Christmas Eve. I have to say I have had some excellent feedback.

1. Father Livinius was very pleased. He liked the music, he felt people were singing along and he thought not only did you accompany the mass very well but played the organ in a way which had a range of sounds appropriate to the different moods of the Mass, and also filled in beautifully during some of the quiet times like the offertory and communion.

2. I thought you did an enormously thorough job and made the organ sound beautiful. The music added so much to the mass, and the event had a real festive and celebratory feel. The time and effort you put into preparation and the beauty of the playing were welcome and astonishing.

3. Lots of people were commenting after Mass on how special the sound was this year. The music created a mood. People said it was easy to sing along with the carols and they were indeed singing. 'The organ sounded wonderful,' one person said. 'The singing was great, good to have an organ played so well, we could sing well.' One person said the mass was 'moving and joyful, made more special by the music.'

In short, there was not a single adverse comment but many compliments. Personally I found it a moving and joyous experience, and when you started playing Bach, it was a beautiful moment.

You made us very happy and we hope to have you back again.


Prof. Jim McManus, OCDS, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS, FFPH, FCIEH, FRSB